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OUR Services
OVER 40 YEARS combined in the edmonton

Besides our asphalt and concrete paving services, we also have several divisions that supply sealcoating, snow removal and salting. We maintain our own excavating and paving equipment, including vehicles for transporting materials. It doesn’t matter what the size of your job is or the limitations of your budget, we will work with you to find a solution that meets your requirements.

Our commitment is to our customers, that’s really what our business is all about. Unlike our competitors, Edmonton’s Paving And Asphalt Ltd uses no sub-contractors. Every craftsman working on your project is a trained in-house employee. Quality materials, workmanship and customer satisfaction are our top priority on every project, large or small. No matter what service you need, we are here to help you get it done.

Call to set up a meeting at your convenience. Our phone answers 24/7. We’ll provide you with a free estimate with no obligations.

Edmonton’s Paving And Asphalt Ltd uses the finest batch plant mixes with proper chemical admixtures when required. The proper selection of reinforcing steel and wire mesh is just as important as the method of installation, we can ensure this is handled properly so that your installations are long lasting. Allow us to install or maintain your concrete site amenities:


We offer maintenance and repair of parking lots, roadways, sidewalks.


This spot-treatment can target even the smallest of problem areas so you can rest easy knowing your parking lot or other paved area looks good and is safe to use


With a commitment to customer service, we regularly work with home and business owners for services such as installing asphalt overlay for their property. This process puts a second layer of asphalt at least 1-thick over existing pavement.


Instead of trying to save sections and overlay or patch to salvage the lot, it’s more cost-effective in the long run to completely replace it, which will last longer and provide better protection of the underlying foundation.


Continued supervision through on staff project managers allows our concrete sidewalk and curb crews to deliver jobs that meet or exceed specifications and stand the test of time.


Keeping walkways, steps, and parking lots clear from ice and snow insures safe passage for both employees and visitors.

Our Core Services

Over 20 years of leadership in asphalt repair and overlay in Edmonton

Concrete Services

Over 40 years of combined concrete experience

Snow Removal

The best value and pricing for commercial snow removal.